About us

SHS Global Trading is a combination of trade representation, engineering services, trade and consulting.

We combine knowledge with the know-how of planning, finishing, building and controlling. SHS has existed since 2005 and is based in the Düsseldorf area.

We see ourselves as a link between manufacturers and / or suppliers and customers.

Therefore, we are able to offer a wide range of services in a diverse and innovative manner – always with the aim of sustainably increasing sales and maximizing profits.

Our long-standing activity in the fields of consulting, trade and service are our strengths.

We are always committed to the needs of our customers.

Get to know us on the following pages and discover new possibilities.

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Your SHS Global Trading & Team

We have set ourselves the following tasks as a company:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Best service quality

  • Flexible coordination

  • Logistic services and solutions

  • Increase the customer’s awareness

  • Secrecy

Logistics partners

Finsterwalder (Türkheim)
Epple (Memmingen)
TAN (Neuss)
3S (Düsseldorf)
SCM partners


CHTI / CNNC Huayuan Titanium Dioxide Co., LTD

Engineering partners

Mabuhay GmbH & Co KG


Wachstumschampion 2016 (FOCUS Spezial)